Officine Opus - History

The Officine Opus born in 2004, within a project of Omaelba Group, specializes in the maintenance of trucks, buses, trailers and equipment Opera operating since 1981 in various establishments in Tuscany.

In 2004, OPUS becomes Supplier Trenitalia for the Group Goods SER / 002 (current maintenance activities and periodic revisions of freight wagons), and begins a continuous maintenance activities in the railway sector at various sites Trenitalia and private.

With a staff of over 108 employees, competent technicians for all types of railway maintenance, and equipped vans, Opus currently has several active sites with garrison fixed, such as: OMV Milan, IMC Livorno deposit, Scalo Livorno - Calambrone, Scalo Piombino, RFI Ancona, Genoa RFI, RFI and RFI Firenze Livorno.

During the years the company has extended its scheduled maintenance activities on various types of rolling stock and related ancillary equipment. Maintenance activities are carried out at the premises Opus and wherever there is need.

In Opus's establishment Interporto Toscano "Vespucci" there is an equipped department for the maintenance of work vehicles, railway and underground carriages.